Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Crochet animal hats!

After getting so many hits on my shop that was closed, I decided to take it out of vacation mode again. That 3 day break though was very nice. I am selling my crochet animal hats in a local children's boutique, and the hats that I listed today I dropped off in the boutique this afternoon. My children do not need any more hats, as they all have about 3 each, so from now on when I make new designs I will take pictures of them to list them on Etsy, and then drop them off in the local boutique to sell. I am also excited to start making some dresses to drop off there as well. I will probably make several peasant and pillow case dresses, as I think those would do well here.

With that said, I made this hat for my children's piano teacher who ordered a neutral color owl hat for a contest he is going to be holding at their piano recital. I liked it so much I decided I would make 2 one for him and one for the children's boutique...

Here it is listed in my store..

Also, don't forget to head over to my facebook page to enter the crochet owl hat giveaway pinned to the top of my page!!

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