Friday, November 26, 2010

Chowing down at the chow hall...we are thankful

I am so grateful that my husband was home for thanksgiving this year. He made it right in time. The problem was that I really had made no preparations being that we have no household goods. I knew we only had a few more days together before we must part again, so I thought it best we spend our day together as a family (as opposed to going to another family gathering)
We decided to go to the chow hall on Pearl Harbor to get some thanksgiving chow. A pretty nice menu for a little bit of dough...

Me, taking a picture of my baby looking at Andrew chowing

My 2 year old chowing

milk chow

waiting to chow

An Everybody chow

Since we got there at 11:00, and the buffet did not open until 2:30, we had some time to spare, so we decided to go down to Andrews boat
Snapped some snazzy pictures

snapped some more snazzy pictures
We even had the time to drive all the way home and get something to bring to my sweet sweet friend

After a turkey induced rest, we did head out to walmart, to pick up a little of this and that. To my surprise, people were already lined up with their paws on merchandise, teeth bearing and all. I wanted to take a picture, but thought I might get pounced, so I walked politely on by...

All and all a good day...
Happy Thursday and....
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. great fun... i will tell you again YOU inspire me!

  2. Thank You friend. I am glad that I am able to inspire people!