Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is how we roll....

Another day in the life of four babies and a mama....

yes, friends, this is a cart full of my blessed children, savoring lollipops at Kmart...

My baby even tried out his first lollipop (okay, I know he is holding it backwards in this picture, but come on, look at that face)

Midnight carNEval

Life isn't all bull rides and lollipops at our house, however, we also put our fair share of work in as well.

new Bible chart for Psalm 92 (disregard mama scribbles at top)

teaching my 4 year old to read with this trusty book with much success

Also, using this book for my 4 year old to teach time and money
All of today's activities are brought to you by this guy above, and prayer...

Happy Tuesday!

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