Sunday, November 21, 2010

farewell old blue smokey....

okay, this blog is in reference to our van, which is not really old (well it is getting up there..a 99), not really blue (more of a teal color), and not really smokey, but it was still a catchy

Anyways, this van is our trusty 1999 Plymouth voyager
I know what you are thinking, this van does not look so bad, but this picture is it's good side....

This van was given to us as a gift from his parents on our wedding day....

It saw us through both of our college days in Philadelphia (though we mainly relied on the subway, and city bus)

You saw as through the lovely days in the sweet sunny south...

And you even crossed the entire mainland and ocean to meet us in Hawaii

yes, you have been a trusty friend indeed

So, teal mini, it is time that you are put out to pasture. You deserve it. You have survived being hit by a deer (all banged up on side not shown in above pic) in West Virginia. You have survived driving and parking in filthydelphia  Philadelphia. You  faithfully drove my husband to and from work along the live oak lined roads of South Carolina. You took the treacherous voyage across great blue sea, to meet us on a tiny island in the middle of the pacific.

I can not think of any better way to spend your days then swaying in a hammock over looking the shore, drinking coconut milk, and learning new hula to add to your repertoire of dance moves

You are being retired as a pay it forward car of the islands. I hope will meet military families needs of the future (not space future, but more of an immediate type of future)
Since we are only able to bring one car overseas on the military $$, you are going to be the great blue hope of stress relief to families who can not manage without two cars.  I know you will serve your duties well
So,  again I say farewell old blue smokey, may you bask in the Hawaiian sunset for many a night to come...

                                                                     Happy Sunday!!!

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