Monday, November 22, 2010

creative and adaptable

I think my children were inspired when they stumbled upon my banana lotus bloom downstairs, after the great banana harvest in this post.

Last night after the children went to bed I stumbled upon this...

water bottle fort created by my 3 and 4 year old girls...

Please excuse the spotted floor....this IS a house that has 4 wee ones...

I think it's neat to see what the children are coming up to occupy their time when they do not have the comforts of their toys. An absent of toys, in some instances, could be good for a child for a time (provided there are other raw materials (like bottled water bottles above) to develop their creativity. Creativity is a huge asset  in life, as we all know living sometimes requires an extraordinary amount of it.

On the note of toys, we do still have this thing here...

mega saucer borrowed from a sweet friend (full of snacks)
  My emerging baby's motor skills require some boundaries to keep him out of wires and things. I had to take the basket out to wash it, but still needed to keep him safe this A.M. He is in the mega saucer being content standing in the center. 
took a seat, ate some snacks
no, he is not in the potty, he is sitting in magasuser with no basket looking like a little cutie.
My baby is being adaptable to the circumstances that life has presented him, another great virtue to have.

I looked up both words (creative and adaptable) in the thesaurus to get a better understanding...

Creative--clever cool, demiurgic, deviceful, fertile, formative, gifted, hip, ingenious, innovational, innovative, innovatory, inspired, inventive, leading-edge, original, originative, productive, prolific, stimulating, visionary, way out.
(Is anyone else suprised the fertile is in that list? no wonder I have so many children) 

Adaptable-- adjustable, all around, alterable, can-do, changeable, compliant, conformable, convertible, ductile, easy-going, flexible, hanging loose, malleable, modifiable, moldable, plastic, pliable, pliant, resilient, supple, switch-hitting, tractable, variable, versatile

Interesting, right? I think if we have  both of these virtues working in our life, rooted in the Lord (that is the giver of these gifts) We will be able to weather the many storms of life with grace, and a smile...

                                                          Happy Monday!!!

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