Thursday, February 3, 2011

finding a rhythm in my new life

So, we are here, in South Carolina, pretty settled for the most part. We are finding a routine and a rhythm. I think we found the church we are going to be attending. It is here in town, and a smallish church, and they really make you feel welcome. I also like that they have Wednesday night service. I really missed not going on Wednesday night at our other churches. I think we all need that community more than once a week. I am a pretty busy mama with all of the activities I have the children in, homeschooling, doctor appts etc. I am now making ready made garments for my shop, and have put a dress in our local boutique for sell, and I plan on adding more.  So far it has got rave reviews. I will be paying the shop owner a portion of the sell, but I love the idea of having my (children's) clothing, in our small town childrens boutique.

My oldest daughter (5) loves doing art, so I made her this
It is a crayon folio, and it is perfect for her, it also has two little slots where my babies hand is that hold a paper pad, and and stickers

Can you tell that my 12 month old really likes it too?
It has ribbon handles and a velcro closure
I really like how it turned out, and I plan on making several of these for my Etsy shop and our local boutique. I am also excited because I have ordered clothing tags, and new business cards with my current store address.

The builder also made a lot of progress on our attic conversion, here are some recent pictures
Here is the grand tour
from the garage, step door from the garage, and you can see where the archway is going to be into our house
windows that are going to be put in sometime next week

heading up the stairs

my sewing room, there is going to be a huge window on the front

This is where my built in corner desk is going to be,

 that box is the frame of the windows, this area is going to be a sitting room area, with book shelves

okay, this picture is blurry because it is dark over there, and I had to put it on a night setting, and this is the best shot I could get. That big unit is going to be taken apart and moved starting Monday of next week, and beyone that is going to be the childrens big play room with again, bit picture windows.

 sewing room again
 storage area
going down the stairs, we are going to put in a chandeler for the light fixture on the landing

There is the door again, with the archway and access to the garage. This conversion should be complete in a couple of weeks, and it is going to be such a wonderful addition to our home. Thank you for touring with me

Happy Thursday!

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