Friday, February 4, 2011

sewing in the South, and getting organized...again

The area that I live in is called the low country, and they take a lot of pride in their traditions. When I tell people that I am a seamstress, the first thing that they ask me is if I smock..Smocking is really big here. Girls wear smocked dresses until they are about 10, and the boys even wear smocking on their outfits until they are around 3 or 4. So, the answer is, I love the look. I think it is a classic, but I do not. I am sure that I could, but I have not tried it. Apparently you are not considered a "real seamstress" by the locals until you can smock. I would like to try it though. I can't really take any classes or anything with my little ones, so I am going to learn via E-book. The same way that I have learned everything that I know about sewing. I have never taken a formal class, but I have read many, many, many E books and tutorials, and that works for me.

Here is an example of a smocked dress

this dress is for sale on this site 

Another thing that is really big here in the low country is really big bows. I love it!! I used to make a lot of bows for my girls when we lived here last time, but we at some point stopped wearing them when we moved to Hawaii.
But, alas, I have been inspired and am starting to get my bow making supplies organized and ready to go...

One last note, I tried to hold out on this until our attic conversion was complete, but I could take it no longer. I had to get my sewing stuff organized at least temporally until we I can set up my sewing room upstairs.

let me introduce you to

. when complete it will have all of  my scissors and snippers, which is why my husband affectionately calls it the
 wall of death...

Happy Friday!

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