Monday, January 31, 2011

things and more things...

ahhh, it fills good to finish something right? With the help of Dark Chocolate, I was able to completely file our taxes by myself. I feel a sense of victory. Ever since I was a college student, I had the desire to file our taxes, but have always been intimidated by it, but now, I did it...

On the housing side, here are some pictures of the progress being made on our conversion. It is a lot more finished now, but I will update these for now

ceiling stating to be cut out

do you see a little tiny hole above the molding

this little hole( not the dirt on the carpet) that is where the entryway to our upstairs in going to be

stairway coming along, I will go out and take some  more pic in a bit, they are doing great work!

Also to note, I put my shop in vacation mode for a week. With the renovation, still getting set up in our new location, and homeschooling, I had to take a break, and think of how it all could work better. I opened up again last night, but this time I will only be making ready made garments to sell. That way I can still sew for fun, and not have the pressure of completing custom orders, and being everything to my family at the same time.

I want to encourage you today, to embrace your calling, whatever that may be. To let go of things that He has not put on your plate, and look to the future with a smile..

Happy Monday!

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