Monday, August 12, 2013

Unicorns and Zebra.

Things are getting settled here at home again after our trip to Ohio last week. Most of the children in the neighborhood are starting school next week, and I have pretty much started homeschool with my children as well. I  gave them each a list of new hats I am making and let them pick which one they wanted to claim for their own (I give them the samples). My 6 year old daughter wanted the unicorn. I finished it today and listed it in my shop. Here is my oldest modeling it for her. She brought her Native American flute with her. Normally I tell them to put their props away for pictures for the shop, but I actually think the flute worked for the unicorn. What do you think?

Unicorn fluting. 

Smiling Unicorn. 
 While traveling back from Ohio we let our children watch the movie Stripes. It is about a zebra in a horse race. I can't say that I was a huge fan of it because the language, but I turned it into a teachable moment when I heard negative words spoken. Like, "Do you think that was a nice thing to say?" etc.  So, despite the negative language the zebra proved a likable character, so when I mentioned that I would be making a zebra hat my oldest enthusiastically announced that was the hat she wanted. I think it turned out quite cute, what do you think?
fancy zebra hat, with a big hot pink bow.

More fancy zebra.
My son 5 agreed to wear the pumpkin hat, and my 3 year old decided a turkey hat was for him. My baby was undecided so I will make him a puppy hat this year. Those hats are in the works so stay tuned for them in upcoming blog posts.

I did whip up this snazzy aqua and orange granny square blanket for my son as well. I have since added an aqua border which evens things up a bit. I need to update the pictures of it in my shop. I added a new style to my granny squares by crocheting them together in sets of 3. I like this a lot better, and it lays very flat. I think I will be doing this on my granny squares from now on.

Here is my 3 year old enjoying his new "handmade with love" gift from mommy.
All of these things have been added to my shop, and are now available to purchase as a custom order as well!


  1. Love the colour combination of orange and aqua!

  2. So beautiful hats! I love it!
    Best Regards from Blogging Buddies Team!