Friday, November 5, 2010

current state of packing out...

Today is day #2 of the packers being here. Yesterday  Benjamin climbed in the moving truck, and proceeded to use the ramp as a ramp for his toy truck. That is when I realized I need to lock up the children and myself in a room upstairs. They should be finishing up today, and I forgot to set out SO many things that I should have left out, but it will all work out. I kind of feel like that movie "Flowers in the Attic" being trapped upstairs (minus all the family drama that movie involved). The kids are doing great for the most part finding things to entertain themselves, and I am having fun testing out my new camera...

Audrey on the laptop

showing little brother the springy door stop is good for playing

sweet Naomi turning crayons into action figures

this picture does not really need a caption

I also managed to annoy the packers with in the first 20 min of them arriving by asking them to change their "baby making music" that really was the lyrics. We made up though, and I bought them pizza. I am so glad that I don't have to be the one who packs up the house because that would have been a disaster. I am trying to maintain my happy place throughout the entire process. Everything was not totally organized, but as long as my stuff gets from here to there we are all good.

bye, bye household goods see you in 6 weeks.


  1. Good luck with your move, it is always stressful, even when other people are moving your stuff!

  2. Thank you :-) far so good :-))