Saturday, November 6, 2010

problems and solutions

Today was my first day of painting the house back to prison classic white.  I was going to hire someone to do it, but they were going to charge big $$, I decided that I will just do it myself, and with my earnings buy a super sweet camera.

The woodland forrest before

The paint to cover the fury creatures up

I found another use for all of the paper the packers left yesterday.

I am a chaotic painter

I ran into a problem at the end. I could not reach the top of the wall, and my ladder has gone with my household goods.. I guess I could have just asked a neighbor for a ladder, but my prideful  ingenious self decided that I could just turn a leftover large flowerpot upside down and stand on that, problem #1 solved...

The second issue I ran into today is that our one remaining $5.00 walmart gate to keep the children contained in one room broke.


problem #2

 I knew I needed to come up with a solution to keep my children contained, while most of the walls were covered in wet paint, so here is what I came up with
problem solved (tape box boundaries)

Okay, this really did not work. The majority of the morning, my 4 year old kept the younger one's in line while the baby slept. I put this together at the end of the day when their cabin fever hit it's max. It generally worked with reminding the kids where they should be, but shortly after this picture was snapped my baby( seen lunging toward the DVD player) went into his mega saucer that was left behind.

Happy Monday!

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