Sunday, November 7, 2010

upgrades at the hostel

After waking up this morning feeling like I got jumped by 100 angry trolls, I knew I had to do something about this sleeping arrangement. When you are moving out of military quarters in Hawaii, you have the option to get something called Aloha furniture that you can borrow when you have no furniture. It usually takes around six weeks to get your household goods from Hawaii to and from the mainland U.S.A, so at some point you are going to be without your furniture. I decided to opt out of the furniture because with all of the painting and cleaning that is going on, it would just be one more thing that is getting in the way.

I forgot to put out the comforters before the packers packed them up, so I was just going to rough it on my little spot on the floor.

location of the attack

At first I thought it was cool to go minimalist, but soon realized that some basic essentials are needed to sustain healthy living, namely a comfortable place to sleep

I also started on the on the walls downstairs. I spatter a few rolls on each of the walls so it looks less intimidating, while I am busy with the others.

I also found another use for the leftover flower pot.

sweet fabric that is I have been collecting by Tina Givens

more sweet fabric by Amy Butler

The day had started off pretty stressful, but was much relieved by awesome neighbors watching my children for me while I painted, letting me do some laundry at their house, and bringing over extra comforters and pillows...

oh, and for this picture, I guess this is just the kind of thing you need to keep life interesting...

                                                                           Happy Monday!!


  1. "100 angry trolls'" Oh my sister I so understand!

    So glad your neighbor helped you out a bit-God bless her!

    as for the last picture.....btdt too!! Hope you can step back and laugh now:)

    btw is hubby gone during all of this? Sorry must have missed that part.

  2. yes, Andrew is one until the day before we fly out, so I am doing this one alone. Yes, with the last picture, I was about to get really frustrated, but decided instead to take a picture. It just comes with the territory~~