Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today has been a productive day so far, with they help of my IPhone...I am serious, this thing is so amazing, I can take care of housing things on the phone, while at the same time take pictures for my business...ahhh...
Dora the Explorer and Veggies Tales has been great babysitting  amusement for the children, while I try and tie up things in Hawaii, and get things going in South Carolina. Progress is coming slowly, but surely.  I also have  a faithful friend that has offered to watch all four of my children for a day, while I finish up all the painting here...bless her!!!
So, on to creating, besides making tons of phone calls, I also get around to cutting some of my patterns...

pattern pieces being cut for boys vests
mass chaos the was caused as a result of cutting patterns (disregard little toe in the corner)

order that stems for all the chaos, this pattern is for a sweet tunic, that I am going to be trying out.  (again, disregard the toes, I need to work on that)

 I also snapped some more pics of my fabric stash with my phone, while talking to HI, and SC peeps
micheal miller


Micheal miller

I forget, sorry---I think it is Moda

damask print by, again I forget, sorry damask print designer

Besides adding some new styles of tunic dresses/shirts,  I can't wait to add some more skirts to my store. The first one I want to try out is a shirred waist skirt (made using elastic thread in the bobbin, and  drawstring skirt. Either of these would be great for everyday wear...Casual but still funky...could be dressed up or down. For my children's stock, I am going to be adding some ruffle pants, A-line dresses, and peasant dresses for girls...For boys I am going to be adding vests (see patterns above), fat knot ties, and I really want to add David pants. If you don't know what David pants are think Prince William of England, in the early 1980's as a toddler---he is usually wearing David pants. So many wonderful things to look forward too!!!!
                                                Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by!
                                                                 Happy Thursday (Veterans Day)

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