Saturday, November 13, 2010

spam, wood, and paint

On spam...

This is spam musabi--a local delicacy

First, I want to say when I got to Hawaii, I was very surprised at the passion the locals had for spam. When the local Target opened up I recall the spam being taken off the shelf by the caseload. The man could not restock it fast enough. They even have it on the McDonald's menu...
This  prompted me to further investigate spam
I looked it up in the dictionary and found this

spam---a canned food product consisting esp. of pork formed into a solid block.

After reading this, I found spam even less appealing, so my search led me further, and here is what I found

*Hawaii is the second largest consumer of spam  in the world.
*During WWII spam was initially brought over by serviceman in rations
*spam became a staple protein for the locals after fishing was prohibited during WWII
*In 2005,  Hawaiians consumed more than 5,000,000 cans of spam

I now feel enlightened, and I hope you do to. In the three years I have been here, I have never tried it, but my children have and love it, cheers!


 I decided I am going to buy all of my children's Christmas presents this year from Etsy. There is nothing like handmade toys! My grandpa used to make wooden toys when we were little. I remember distinctly a wooden toy box that he made for us, and then painted so nicely. Not only can wooden toys outlast us on earth, but they are also are non-toxic, (and we all know children put everything in their mouth) That is why I was really glad to find this store on Etsy yesterday.

They have really well priced handmade wooden toys...Here is what I am planning on getting for my children from the shop...shhh don't tell them...
Toy wooden sewing machine just like moms
how cool it this...a wooden sewing machine the girls can play with, like their mama
Ironing board and iron doll size wood toy
again, a wood ironing board, like mama

Pull toy puppy dog animated wood

I know my son (2) would adore this.

You can find these toys and more here


My dear friend watched my children today, so that I could  paint, and it went well.  I think I am almost done painting the entire house!!  My was I ambitious in thinking I could paint it up with no effort. I forget the extent I painted my walls in various colors

Painted hands
I guess I should have taken off my ring, but you don't win dirtiest ring award at Kay's for nothing--it take work!!

progress on the walls, I know I am messy...but it is part of my "process"

Happy Saturday!!!!


  1. Thanks for the nice write up. I look forward to serving you.

  2. hey, no problem!! I lOVE your toys, and I spotted the sewing machine in a treasury!!