Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amazing mother in law and a mustache box house.

If you have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, I am so sorry. It absolutely looks horrible there and we have family in Jersey who are without power right now, praying everything gets back to normal soon!

Fortunately we were not affected by the Hurricane here in South Carolina other than some rain. We have been going out our days as usual, but are trying to recover from some lingering sickness.

 My Sickness Battle Plan--SPRAY EVERYTHING

My background is that I did not have a mother when I was growing up from age 11 on. I have always very much wanted a mommy (especially in my teenage years)...God heard my heart, and gave me a mama who also happens to be my mother-in-law. She is a huge support to me in everything. She loves to sew also and sent my this gigantic box of flannel and fleece

I can't wait to make a super warm dress for my girls with the strawberry fabric!

Last week she also sent this huge box of patterns...Now I have patterns to use all of the fabric with.
Fleece Pajama's for my children? YES
I also got inspired by the big huge box that the fabric came in...You can can packing often inspires me...

Big Giant Box

 When life gives you big giant boxes why not make little mustache houses with a cardboard mailbox

decorating the mustache box (house)

almost done..

finishing touches....this one even has windows and a flower garden thanks to my girls.

And Done!

So, what about you? Do you have a mother- in-law, mother, or other person in your life who is a huge support to you, and to what you love? I feel so blessed with her


  1. Great blog. Nice post, really like the family part of it.

    Saw your thread on the etsy blog team. I'm following you and my blog is


  2. Lovely blog! I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful Mom. It's fabulous that you have such a great relationship with your Mother-in-law. :)

  3. @Christine, yes she is great. I am glad that you recognize what a gift you have in your mother. An attentive mother is such a blessing.

  4. Lovely post - the mailbox is very creative!:) And your relationship with your mother-in-lay is awesome!:)

  5. @Juditsd....Thanks, we definatley have a Ruth and Naomi relationship. And the mailbox...I thought it made the house seem more inviting :-)