Thursday, November 1, 2012

Great day

            It's been a great day finishing up some orders. Every Thursday my older 3 children spend the day at a home school co-op where they take Science, Art, Ballet, Spanish, Etiquette, Chorus, Bible, and a lot more. It is pretty much a godsend because it allows my children to learn from other mamas, and make friends with other homeschoolers, while I get a bit of a break. It is a win win situation that I look forward to every week.

            While my children we are school I finished up one of my Mickey/Minnie orders from a local friend..

my gorgeous 2 year old modeled it for me :-)


And was able to model and list a new super cute sparrow tunic for my shop

I also arrived home from the co-op and saw a beautiful site, packages lined up on my porch full of all the fabric that I ordered. Most of it came from, but I also ordered a couple of things from some Etsy Vendors... 

                                                          Look at that pile of Bliss

I am going to have FUN with this!!
So, what do you think of that fabric????

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