Friday, November 2, 2012

Etsy fashion front page AND wholesale order AND treasuries, Oh My.

                    So, yesterday,  YeSterday, YESterDAY was Huge for Sweet Home Boutique! As I was checking my Etsy Shop stats for the hundredth time yesterday  I saw an extraordinary amount of hits on this yellow dress to my shop

                         I had just been featured in a treasury with this dress, so I at first thought that treasury had made it to the first page of Etsy. After looking into that I realized that was not it. Then I thought it had gone viral, and I desperately wanted to know what site sent this dress viral. I went on Google analytics to look at my stats, and lo and behold all the traffic was coming from an Etsy Fashion Email. I did not subscribe to this email (I do now) so I went on the forums asking if someone couple link me with the email....and ta da HERE it is!

                        Now anyone who sells on Etsy knows that this is huge. There are over 16,000,000 products for sale on ETSY, so to make it to the front page of something is amazing! The theme of the e-mail was Citrine and out of 25,000 yellow dresses to feature mine was chosen. Not only did this bring a TON of traffic to my shop (I had almost 1000 views on my shop yesterday). I was also featured on (2) treasuries, and got an offer to do wholesale with a company of THIS dress!

                        Now with all of that! I am one amazed mama! Now it's back to homeschooling for me, and finishing attaching 8 mickey mouse ears to 4 hats...Have a great DAY and be BLESSED





  1. Enjoying keeping up with you on the blog :) Almost like we're hanging out the middle of both of us working all day around the house hahaha :) BTW there are a few smoothie recipes on my blog in the last week -

  2. Thanks for the comment....I am sure you know...commments are AWEsomE. I will head over to check out the recipes!!!