Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!

If you are looking for some easy and fun crafts for kids check these out. I did these with my children today, and they were a lot of fun!

              The first is a thankful tree (okay we had actually started these already, but we added to it today)...First I picked up these little leaf gift tags at the Target dollar spot.

Then each of my children told me things that that they were thankful for and I wrote it down on a leaf.

 We then hung them on a little LED lit tree in a vase. I already had these in a vase for decoration. You can really hang it on any type of tree, but I thought it would look neat on these. Last year I bought them on clearance right after Christmas and have kept my house decorated with them all year.
Definitely a pretty cool project and something that gets your children think about all the blessings in their life.

The next little craft we did was hand print turkeys. We were making 4 turkeys, so I prepped and cut 4 big brown circles, 4 smaller white circles, 8 orange feet,  and 4 little beaks. We also used washable paint in fall colors, glue sticks, and google eyes...
 We put it all together and they came out looking like this. The below picture is the one my 2 year old by himself (I helped him with the paint), but my (almost)7 year old really enjoyed the craft as well.
So, I hope you got some cool ideas.....I will be posting more Thanksgiving crafts for kids as we do them!


  1. Cute crafts! I think the Thankful Tree could be used with much older children too. TFS!

  2. YES! The thankful tree is a good idea for adults too!! It's always good grateful for what we have!!!

  3. So cute, love it!

    Also, hi! I'm you new follower :) I found your blog through the Etsy Blog Team, and I'm now following you :)


  4. Such cute ideas!! I cant wait for my son to get a bit older so we can do things like this! :)

    Also, I found your Blog from the Etsy Blog team - and I'm now a happy new follower :)